Below are driving directions for getting to Mahogany Hall from Belize City International Airport.

An alternative method is fly Tropic Air domestic flight from the International Airport to San Ignacio. We are an agent for Tropic Air and can arrange your local flights while in country.

By Road with own Vehicle

Leaving from the international airport you will head east toward the Northern Highway approximately 1.7 miles. At the junction with the Northern Highway you will make a left turn and continue for 5 miles. Make a left turn onto Burrell Boom Road. The drive from the Northern Highway to the Western Highway is 12 miles long. You will come to a roundabout, where you will exit onto the Western Highway.

The drive on the Western Highway is 1 hour and 45 minutes from Belize City. You will eventually reach Santa Elena (the other half of San Ignacio). There will be a big orange sign that says, somewhat surreally, ‘San Ignacio and Beyond This Way’.

Take a right there and when you come to rolex deepsea replica the end of that road you will take a left and then hang right straight down a hill, (all of the traffic flow will go this way). Cross the bridge, (your only option).

After crossing the low-lying bridge to San Ignacio, go right, stay on the paved road pass the cemetery. Just so you feel confident that you are on the correct road – you will be on a double street, a high school should be to your right (there is a pedestrian walk at the entrance of the high school). Continue straight up this hill and follow the road as it takes you to another pedestrian walk. At this point you will be at a cross road. Make a right, this is Bullet Tree Road. You will pass Juan Chuc’s Hardware on your right and continue straight.

After about 2 miles you have entered the village of Bullet Tree Falls. Pass the soccer field on your right and when you reach a small open cement bus stop keep on the paved road.

You will keep going, where you will meet a bridge, don’t go over the bridge but take the left road before the bridge. The road where you turn is unpaved and parallel to the river. You keep going less than one mile down this road and you will see a beautiful yellow building on your right.

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